Checking in on Creatives’ Curvy Garden

Maintenance and planting visit to interesting family garden I developed and planted last December.



Great to see this garden that I developed and planted up last December, doing so well. The clients have helped s lot adding an irrigation system, building a shed and laying stepping stones, plus adding some bedding plants.

I am so happy with the combination of trees and shrubs as I was given the budget for alternatives to my usual staples.

Feature shrubs include Euonymus alatus and europaeus, Osmanthus heterophyllus, Parrotia persica, Fagus sylvatica asplenifolia, Stachyurus praecox and Hamamelis ‘Diane’. Larger trees are Catalpa bignonoides (Indian Bean Tree), Tamarisk, and Liquidambar styraciflua.

Hydrangeas Strong Annabelle and Limelight provide focal blooms and a Malus Royal Beauty (weeping crap apple) adds year round interest in the middle of the left border.

Have tools, will travel!