Container Gardens and Displays

Choosing plant and pot combinations for modern Mediterranean influenced front garden.



I always enjoy the opportunity to do these. You have to think about year round interest as well as what will be happy in a confined space.

I came to this Mediterranean with a bit of olde English and Japanese front garden when it was made up of Phormiums, Pieris and Erysimum Bowles Mauve in tall pots. In collaboration with the client, over time I have added roses, Verbena bonariensis and Fuchsia Dollar Princess.

I planted up the galvanized trough with geums, rosemary, nepeta, and red hibiscus, which is just coming into bud.

The sickly olive was transplanted to the larger pot and I persuaded my client to let me put together a suitable display in the shallow terracotta bowl. To reflect existing themes I Included pink, purple, silver and blues, plus splashes of orange and lime. Included are 2 x Ajuga; 2 x Calocephalus, 2 x Cineraria, 2 x Lysimschia Creeping Jenny, 2 x Creeping thyme variegated, 1 x Gaura pink, 1 x Geum Totally Tangerine, 1 x Astelia, 1 x Vinca mauve and one Sedum Purple Emperor.

Have tools, will travel!