Finishing Touches to Large Front Garden

Final trees and shrubs for large suburban front garden.

Right border near front door.

Left hand border with new Lusitanica

Cercis canadensis, Griselinia littoralis and Physocarpus Diablo in front lawn section.

Close up of the Forest Pansy

Cercis from the right hand entrance.

Today I planted a Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy from Palmstead Nurseries as a specimen feature tree in the recently laid front lawn. I decorated the base with slate rocks from Provender Nurseries and Kelkay twilight grey gravel from Shannon’s Garden Centre.

The two missing Prunus lusitanicas from Provender finally arrived, so I moved both Leycesteria formosas in each side border to make space for these.

As I was finishing up a neighbour walked past and said I had ‘done a lovely job’ which really made my day.

Have tools, will travel!