Rose Crescent in Large Suburban Woodland Garden

Eight standard and two climbing roses planted round central arch to frame the patio and divide this large garden into two sections.

Crescent shaped floating border in progress.

Rose crescent from left

Standard roses from right.

View on pinetum through arch

Ten roses now in, seven from Rumwoods Nursery in Kent and three from David Austin in the West Midlands. The central arch is from Harrod Horticultural and was kindly constructed by my clients. I also made a start on digging the crescent shaped floating bed to the right of the patio.

The roses from left are: (standard form, unless otherwise specified) Amber Queen (copper yellow) James L. Austin (deep pink) Warm Wishes (peach) Macmillan Nurse (cream-white) Etoile D’Hollande (crimson climber) Jolly Roger (copper yellow climber) Champagne Moment (peach-white) Arthur Bell (butter yellow) and Wild Eve (Pale Pink).

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