Suburban Space and Woodland for Dogs and Humans

Three woodland sections, large space for dogs, and formal roses for humans to enjoy.

Pinetum from pergola.

Parotia pergola, Euonymus alarms and Tamarin ramuissima the natives in background, from pergola.

Pinetum looking back towards house.

Pergola through natives section, including birch, rowan and Hazel.

Pinetum with pergola and exotics in background.

This garden was a large square blank canvas, with a brief of lots of trees, formal roses and space for two spaniels to run around in.

So far I have designed and planted three sections – native trees and shrubs on left near patio, exotics in far left corner, framing new pergola, and mini pinetum on middle right to flow from the leylandii next door.

Next phase is to get the semicircular standard rose border in, to outline the patio, including a formal arch in the middle as an entrance to the main section of the garden.

Finally I have marked out a kidney shaped sunny herbaceous bed in the narrower section to the right of the patio, I will dig this, and a border by the fence on 5th December.

Have tools, will travel!