Tiered Courtyard Rescue and Planting

Rejuvenating and planting curvy tiered courtyard garden.

Border from middle of paved area.

Far right shadier border with Tamarisk in repurposed pot on corner rockery

Close up of planting in sunny border.

Courtyard showing three main borders and both Phormiums.

The first visit to this interesting courtyard on the side of a hill involved removal of alkanet, dandelions and other weeds, and a prune and tidy to assess the space and aspect.

From there I created a plan based on the border gaps and conditions, dug in multipurpose compost, repaired a retaining wall and rebuilt a corner rockery and ornamental pebble area.

This first section shows the main right hand curved border which is sunny with dry crumbly soil. I decided to add a Phormium Jester to echo and draw the eyes from the large established specimen further back and left. Round this I used hardy Mediterranean perennials including Gaura, Aquilegia, Rodgersia, Potentilla and Sanguisorba, and long flowering shrubs such as Salvia HotLips and a purple Hebe.

Have tools, will travel!