Wrapping up for Winter

This unexpectedly enormous banana tree in a back garden in Penge required cutting back and wrapping for winter protection,

A request for Autumn pruning of a tropical themed garden in Penge coincided with a cold snap, so the client requested that her planted banana (Musa basjoo) be wrapped for frost protection. I arrived armed with an eight metre roll of fleece which proved to be somewhat inadequate for the majestic specimen I encountered. As you can see some of the leaves were already a little damaged as they are beyond the shelter of the fence, but there was new growth as the autumn had previously been so warm. I felt sad cutting this all down, but it is the only way to protect tender perennials that are not designed for our cold winters. The wrapping was a bit flimsy and ugly, but I was consoled by the thought of the banana coming back stronger next spring.

Have tools, will travel!